Cute, Sexy & Cheap Halloween Costumes for Under $10

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So its Halloween and you waited until the last minute to pick out your costume.  You need something cute but you don’t want to break the bank, right?

We’ve got you!  Below is our list of Cute, Sexy & Cheap Halloween Costumes that you can pull together for under $10:

1. Dress Up Like Your Favorite Pop Star or TV Show Character: If you’re a real fan your personal style likely already reflects the pop icon of your choice.  Recreate the style they rocked in their latest video or TV episode by “shopping” and swapping clothes with your girls. Love Lady Gaga? Grab your fishnets, your stilettos and some clear balloons and recreate the style to the right.

2. Sarah Palin: Whether you love her or hate her this one is easy to pull off. Pull out that conservative suit from the back of your closet and put your up in a bun. Don’t forget to wear glasses and to speak in that infamous Alaska accent.  You can even pass out Tea Party or Palin 2012 election flyers…Get creative with it!

3. 1920′s Flapper: This is an oldie but goodie that never goes out of style.  All you need is an all black dress and some accessories like a long pearl necklace and a sparkly headband with a feather.  Have one of your girls do your make-up so it is totally glam! Don’t forget to top it off with some fabulous heels.  This look is perfect if you want to be sexy without going overboard.

4. A 80′s Dancer / Aerobics Instructor: Another cute option that never goes out of style is an 80′s dancer.  All you need to do is put your hair up in a side ponytail and throw on a leotard, some cute tights and leg warmers and viola! Your back in the 80′s ready to rock the party!

5. A Cute Equestrian: Leggings have been all the rage this past season so why not put them to good use one more time?  Pair your tights (tan if you have them) with some black knee-high boots and a white button down shirt. Then put on a blue or black blazer.  Grab a riding cap (or something similar) and your set!

Need more ideas? Check out these articles.  Happy Halloween!

Already have your costume? Tell us about it!

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